Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Heritage of Folk Song from Old Russia

Nonesuch H-2010

This record is from the Nonesuch International Series. Some recordings from this series, such as Music of Bulgaria, were re-released on CD, but not this one.

I used to own this record, but I sold it in my LP purge of 2005. This copy, which is in good shape, was a thrift shop find (99¢).

This LP contains some very old Russian songs, from as early as the 11th century, as well as two Bashkir melodies that "only exist in oral form and are textually untranslatable." From the LP notes for the Bashkir melody Konï-Liap: "Its poetry is of an exotic nature; no story is related - only brief thoughts and sayings reflecting Oriental philosophy, symbols representing the swift passage of time and the futility of earthly things."

Oh My Green Willow

Konï-Liap (Bashkir melody)

For My Sins I've Got a Man

On the Edge of the Lake