Saturday, March 5, 2011

Folk Songs of England, Scotland and Wales (1958)

Delyse ECB 3144

This LP has an interesting history. I bought it used in the 1990's, and I liked it a lot, but it was pretty noisy, so I returned it to the record store (the great, but now defunct, Flat Plastic Sound in San Francisco). I guess I thought I'd find another copy, but I never did. The mp3s below come from a tape I made of the original record. The image of the cover is courtesy of Jacob Whittaker. I was lucky to find it.

The LP features folk songs in English and Welsh. It is not on CD.

From Gramophone, August 1958, Page 71: "Freshness of voice is one of the many attractions of "Folk Songs of England, Scotland and Wales." This choir, made up of girls from the local schools, shops and works of Llanelly, has made a name for itself in several European countries. The famous lament Dafydd Garreg Wan, All through the Night, and Under the Greenwood Tree are among the plums of this enormously enjoyable collection."

Suo Gan

Morag's Cradle Song

Y Bore Glas