Saturday, March 19, 2011

Monty Python: Matching Tie and Handkerchief (1973)

Arista AL-4039 (1975)

This recording is on CD, but the CD can't capture one aspect of the experience of listening to the record.

My father bought this record new in 1975 and, over the next few days, we listened to it several times. About the third time we heard it, we both had the impression that we were hearing some bits we hadn't heard the first time and that some of the bits we'd heard before were now missing from the record. We knew that was impossible, but something still seemed strange.

Upon investigation, we found that one side of the record (both sides are labeled Side 2) contained two completely different sets of tracks, and depending on where the needle landed, you heard either one set or the other. That side of the record was cut with two concentric grooves, effectively giving the record three sides. It was a great trick, something you'd expect from Monty Python.

The CD release handles this with two tracks called "Side 2" and "Side 3." What fun.

I got this copy at the thrift store for 99 cents. It is a bit worn, but it's a comedy album, so the sound quality isn't that important to me.


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  1. "It's a fairly simple case of non-presence."

  2. I had this 3-sided album and the same thing happened to me. I said "I don't remember this skit!" again, and again, until I wondered if I'm going crazy. With me it happened after about 5 plays, so I was even more confused.

  3. Ha! I still remember the experience to this day.