Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jonah Jones: Jazz Bonus (1962)

Capitol ST-1773

I had never heard of Jonah Jones when I saw this LP at the thrift shop. According to allmusic, Jonah Jones was "a talented and flashy trumpeter [who] hit upon a formula in 1955 that made him a major attraction for a decade; playing concise versions of melodic swing standards and show tunes muted with a quartet." Their misuse of the semicolon does not necessarily mean their information is untrustworthy.

There is some quite tasty trumpet playing (muted and unmuted) on this album that somewhat makes up for the inclusion of an organ in the combo. Though some of the organ backing is listenable, I would have nixed the organ solos.

This LP is in good shape. It is not on CD.

Jersey Bounce

Lady of Spain

Cool Mute

June Night

Monday, June 20, 2011

Vaudeville: Songs of the Great Ladies of the Musical Stage (1976)

Nonesuch H-71330

Joan Morris & William Bolcom have never made a bad record that I've heard. This was a thrift shop find (99¢), in excellent condition. Six songs from this LP appear on the CD "After The Ball plus Highlights from Vaudeville." The remainder are not on CD.

From the LP:
"Joan Morris - mezzo soprano
William Bolcom - piano"


When You Were Sweet Sixteen

The Yama-Yama Man

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Traditional Songs & Dances from the Soko Banja Area (1973)

Selo Records LP-1

From the Internet: "Traditional Songs & Dances From the Soko Banja Area is the first of a promised series of Balkan traditional music edited and produced by Robert Henry Ləibman. The album is directed at both American folk dancers who want to learn some Balkan dances and something about them and also folklorists and ethnomusicologists. The material, all recorded in 1971-72 in a small region of East Serbia (Yugoslavia), is divided between dances played on bagpipe and songs. An elaborate 92-page booklet text and music transcriptions and translations, detailed dance..."

From the LP: "Field recordings from Yugoslavia with notes edited by Robert Henry Ləibman"

This LP was a thrift shop find (99¢), in acceptable condition. The 92-page booklet was not enclosed. It is not on CD.

Maramica Od Bela Fulara


Sta Se Sjaji (Resnick)

Lepa Pava U Kovilje Spava

Sinoc Ovaj Doba


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sing Children Sing: Songs of the British Isles (1979)

Caedmon TC-1598, UNICEF 5054

I picked up four LPs from the Sing Children Sing series at the thrift shop: USA, British Isles, France and Austria. They were either new and sealed, or open and near new. None are on CD.

USA was quite good, but the British Isles features a larger chorus, recorded in a way that renders the voices less distinct, consequently the singers are hard to understand at times. Still, several classic songs are given good treatment.

From the LP: "The Ambrosian Children's Choir (trained by June Keyte) and Ambrosian Players • Music arranged and conducted by John McCarthy"

The Ash Grove

Road to the Isles

London Pride

All Through the Night