Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sing Children Sing: Songs of the British Isles (1979)

Caedmon TC-1598, UNICEF 5054

I picked up four LPs from the Sing Children Sing series at the thrift shop: USA, British Isles, France and Austria. They were either new and sealed, or open and near new. None are on CD.

USA was quite good, but the British Isles features a larger chorus, recorded in a way that renders the voices less distinct, consequently the singers are hard to understand at times. Still, several classic songs are given good treatment.

From the LP: "The Ambrosian Children's Choir (trained by June Keyte) and Ambrosian Players • Music arranged and conducted by John McCarthy"

The Ash Grove

Road to the Isles

London Pride

All Through the Night


  1. These albums were my FAVORITE when I was little! There was one song on this record that scared me to death, though. Something about a horse? The wind? The children would sing lower and slower at the scary part. I would run from the room every time it would play!

    1. Widecombe Fair - I sing the Jan Stewer line in the song on this recording!

  2. I'm glad you found them here.