Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jonah Jones: Jazz Bonus (1962)

Capitol ST-1773

I had never heard of Jonah Jones when I saw this LP at the thrift shop. According to allmusic, Jonah Jones was "a talented and flashy trumpeter [who] hit upon a formula in 1955 that made him a major attraction for a decade; playing concise versions of melodic swing standards and show tunes muted with a quartet." Their misuse of the semicolon does not necessarily mean their information is untrustworthy.

There is some quite tasty trumpet playing (muted and unmuted) on this album that somewhat makes up for the inclusion of an organ in the combo. Though some of the organ backing is listenable, I would have nixed the organ solos.

This LP is in good shape. It is not on CD.

Jersey Bounce

Lady of Spain

Cool Mute

June Night


  1. Great Music, at the Organ ist Dick Hyman.
    G. Klußmeier

  2. I initially bought this record for the cover model! (Nice, very nice!). The music inside the sleeve was an added bonus. My first Jonah LP. I also obtained Jonah Jumps Again and that's a fine LP too.