Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bill Doggett: Fingertips (1963)

Columbia CS 8882

I had never heard of Bill Doggett when I saw this LP in the thrift shop for 99¢. It was in such good shape that I took a chance on it. According to allmusic, "With his instrumental hit "Honky Tonk" in February 1956, Bill Doggett created one of rock's greatest instrumental tracks. Although it generated scores of offers to perform in rock & roll clubs throughout the United States, Doggett remained tied to the jazz and organ-based R&B that he had performed since the 1930s." Amazon says "Doggett probably did more to popularize the organ as an instrument in rock and pop than any other artist."

Fingertips is an album of R&B instrumentals. It is not available on CD.

If You Need Me

Hot Fudge

Without Love

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