Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tumba Cuarta & Ka'i (1982)

OMC 202
(photo courtesy of yoyo at listentoyourears)

Original Music was one of the great record labels for "world music." Here's an excerpt from the New York Times obituary for Original Music's co-founder, John Storm Roberts:

"In choosing what to release on the Original Music label, Mr. Roberts did not disdain modern, popular numbers: by his lights, a song simply had to be good. This distinguished him from musicological purists who, in ceaseless quest for the authentic, recorded only material seemingly untouched by modernity."

In the 1990s, a friend alerted me that Original Music was selling off all its vinyl stock for (I think) $2 a record. There were six titles left in stock on LP, and I bought them all. The CDs are all out of print, and this title appears to be totally unavailable on CD, even used.

I sold all the LPs during my record purge of 2005, but not before transferring my favorite tracks to CD.

Bari (recorded in Rincon, Bonaire)

More tracks from the album are here.

Original Music Discography

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