Friday, August 5, 2011

Bonny North Tyne: Northumbrian Country Music (1974)

Topic 12TS239

Topic Records made many great "World Music" LPs back when the genre consisted of mostly ethnographic field recordings. I always pick up any LP I see on the Topic label (as well as other great "world music" labels, such as Original Music or the LPs in the Nonesuch Explorer Series).

This was a thrift store find (99¢), in beautiful shape, except for the red tape along the top of the cover. It sounds near new. It is not on CD.

From the LP:
"John Armstrong: fiddle, Billy Atkinson: mouth organ, Billy Conroy: whistle, George Hepple: fiddle, Joe Hutton: small-pipes, Donald Ridley: accordeon, Recorded and produced by Tony Wilson and Tony Eagle"

John Armstrong & Joe Hutton: The Rowan Tree/Jock Of Hazeldean

Additional tracks, by request:

Billy Conroy: Green Castle/Spot On/Corn Rigs

Billy Conroy: Jenny Bell Polka

Billy Conroy: Napoleon's Grand March/Untitled March

Billy Conroy: Liverpool Hornpipe/Steamboat Hornpipe

John Armstrong & Joe Hutton: Sir Sidney Smith's March

From the LP: "The Billy Conroy tracks were taken from tape recordings originally made by Pete Knowles for the North-East Folk Federation"


  1. I know this LP from being a child my Grandfather was Billy Conroy who played the whistle this brings back fond memories .I wish you had posted one of his tracks as I would love to have heared him once more...

  2. I'm glad you found this post, Alison. I'll put some of your grandfather's tracks from the LP up today.

  3. THANK YOU So much for posting the tracks of my grandfather Billy Conroy you dont know how many happy memories hearing him play bring back to me and how much it means thank you!!`

  4. simmilar record with billy conroy and others is canny newcastle dont know if you would have come across that one on your search would be very interested to know as Billy Conroy was my grandfather

  5. Most of the records posted here were found at thrift shops. Great records like this one are rare finds. I would buy any record on the Topic label that I came across.

  6. I was delighted to find the Billy Conroy tracks through alison pringle's facebook page .Billy was my father and I lost track of his recordings. I have some other recordings of his on tape ,very rough but material that was not on any of his lp's if you would like to copy any of this material contact me at my email address John Conroy

  7. John - I'm glad you enjoyed the tracks of your father. I appreciate your offer to send me a copy of your personal tape of your father. I would be happy to post the recording on Not On CD and make it available to others if you like.