Thursday, August 4, 2011

Eric Schoenberg: Steel Strings (1982)

Rounder Records 3041

Eric Schoenberg is a fingerstyle guitarist and an innovator in ragtime guitar playing. He went on to found Schoenberg Guitars, a maker of very well-regarded acoustic guitars.

Two songs from Steel Strings, "Sidh Beag Agus Sidh Mor" and "All In Good Time" appear on the CD Rounder Guitar: A Collection of Acoustic Guitar. Otherwise, his solo albums are not on CD.

I picked this LP up at a garage sale in Brooklyn along with another Schoenberg LP, "Acoustic Guitar." I paid two or three dollars for it. It is in good condition, though with an audible scratch through half of "Sunflower Slow Drag."

From the LP: "All tunes arranged for finger-style guitar by Eric Schoenberg."

Talk About Suffering

Sunflower Slow Drag

More Eric Schoenberg here.


  1. Thanks for Sunflower Slow Drag....will be learning that one. Tony Saint Paul, Minn

  2. It's a great tune, and a great arrangement. Glad you found it.