Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tom T. Hall: For the People in the Last Hard Town (1973)

Mercury 0598

This album, though it contains Tom T. Hall's biggest hit ("I Love"), is not on CD. "Pay No Attention to Alice," "Subdivision Blues," and "I Love" all appear on various compilation CDs, however.

This was a thrift shop find (99¢), in excellent condition inside and out. Some great musicians play on the record, including Vassar Clements, Charlie McCoy, and others.

Joe, Don't Let Your Music Kill You

Back When We Were Young

Last Hard Town

I Know Who I'll Be Seeing in New Zealand

(All selections written by Tom T. Hall)


  1. Not on CD: did I post a comment here earlier? hmm; oh, I see: here is a link that I discovered through a FB/blogger friend: