Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Mel Tillis: I Believe in You (1978)


Just returned from a trip to Toronto, where I picked up ten records at the Kop's Records sale, during which the records in the dollar bin were 15 cents (!). All the records were in good to excellent shape, and this one was sealed.

The title track from this album appears on the CD Country Love Songs. The two songs below (and probably the rest of the album) are not on CD.

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  1. Dear Mr. Kurt,
    Please post the rest of "John Dowland: Lute Songs and Lute Solos" with Deborah Minkin & Willard Cobb (1973) [MHS 1548]. I would be very grateful as I live on fixed income and no one I know has the equipment needed to play records.
    Thanking you, yours,