Thursday, July 6, 2017

Ramito con el Auténtico Sexteto Borinquen: Tirandole Plante Al Boss

BMC BLP 1582

This was part of a haul of four Puerto Rican LPs from the thrift shop, all in good shape, all $1.99 each. All four LPs have very little internet presence, though the artists (Ramito, Chuito) are well known. 


Pura Candela

Grado Blue/Paratrace, Technics SL-7, Pro-Ject Phono Box S, harman/kardon CDR-2.


  1. Como podría obtener los otros temas de este album?
    could you get the other themes from this album?
    mi Correo:
    Gracias- Thank You

  2. Sorry, Antonio, but at Not on CD, we only post sample tracks, not entire albums. This album is currently not available digitally.