Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Esso Steel Band: Steel Band In Bermuda (1967)

 Edmar ELPS-1104

This was a thrift shop find. I picked it up many years ago with another Esso Steel Band LP (signed by all the band members!).

There's not a lot of info online about ESB. I assume the ESSO company (ExxonMobil) sponsored them, but how and why I don't know. The music was aimed at tourists,* but their steel drum playing is quite nice, and I like their laid-back singing style on songs like "Yesterday."

The only instruments credited are steel drums, congas and percussion, and the recording has an "authentic" aura. My other ESB LP is overproduced by comparison.

*from the back cover: "Here's a collection of tunes specially chosen because of their popularity in the hotels and night spots of Bermuda."

Wings Of A Dove



  1. Hi Kurt. Thanks for this. I heard years ago that the Esso connection was the steel oil drums that were fashioned into the group's instruments. Their other album has a slightly more interesting cover and song selection, but I like to two songs you offered.


    1. Glad you liked them. Thanks for stopping by again.