Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Waverly Consort: Spanish Music In The Age of Exploration (1981)

CBS 37208

I found this LP new and sealed at the thrift shop. I find that unopened older LPs can sometimes be quite noisy (crackly). Presumably some process takes place in the years since it was pressed that is detrimental to the record surface. This LP sounds better than most, but not perfect. The cover photo had to be taken at an angle to avoid the glare from the shrink wrap.

This record is not on CD, though it is available on cassette from the Waverly Consort website. Associated equipment: Technics SL-7/Ortofon X1-MCP. 

Una matica de ruda (Sephardic song)

Nicholas Gombert: Dezilde al cavallero


  1. This is my kind of music. Does anything exist only on cassette?

  2. Though it may not be the same recording, you can buy a very similar offering from the Waverly Consort at Amazon's MP3 download store:

    I have it, and love it; it's well worth $7.99. Their Christmas album is also fantastic. (And both are actually available on CD, too.)

  3. Thanks, Chris. The sample tracks I've posted are not on the CD you linked to, though the titles of the recordings are similar.

  4. This is lovely, thank you for sharing it. And thank you Chris for the link. Cheers, MB

  5. I'm glad you found this post. Enjoy!