Saturday, November 12, 2011

Freddy Fender: Before the Next Teardrop Falls (1974)


This was Freddy Fender's first album. A CD of the same name is available, but confusingly, it is not the CD release of this album. It contains six songs from this album; the remaining tracks are not on CD.

This album was a thrift shop find (99¢), still in the shrink wrap, and in excellent shape inside and out. Eugene Chadbourne, writing for allmusic, called it "the must-have Fender album in a country fan's collection."

From the LP:
Bass: Donny King
Drums: Chester Vaughn
Lead guitar: Randy Cornor
Piano: Bruce Ewen - James Lowery
Rhythm Guitar: Mickey Moody
Steel Guitar: Mickey Moody - Fred Heine
Harpsichord: Bruce Ewen


  1. There is a CD version out, where it has been combined as a 2fer, this album, then the next LP he recorded ... a little hard to find, but well worth the import bucks. (I seem to recall it's a UK reissue without actually digging it out).

    It's a stone cold classic!

    Jason Odd (Inaluxe)

  2. Thanks, Jason. A CD was released in 2012 by Raven Records that combines 1974's Before the Next Teardrop Falls, and its 1975 sequel Are You Ready for Freddy? It is available on that popular internet auction site. I've removed the sample tracks.