Saturday, May 7, 2011

Vassar Clements, John Hartford, Dave Holland (1988)

Rounder 0207

John Hartford is a personal favorite. He is one of the most musical people I've ever heard. Hartford is ostensibly a bluegrass musician, but he does something unique with the genre, and this LP is unique in his oeuvre. It is not on CD.

Vassar Clements: violin
John Hartford: banjo, guitar, voice
Dave Holland: bass
Mark Howard: guitar, mandolin

Memories of Home

Till Something Better Comes Along

Bonus Track, from Hartford's not-on-CD You and Me at Home (Flying Fish 228, 1980):
Imagination Fired by Books


  1. Flying Fish! this brings back so many memories. Thanks

  2. A great record label.

  3. Oh how I wish you had the whole album. But thanks for what you do have! Vassar, John H.. great guys

  4. Thanks for the comment. Glad you enjoyed it.

  5. Wow! I'm a life-long Hartford fan, saw him several times, even spoke with him but Never heard this one. Thanks for the tunes!

  6. Glad you found it. It is great music.

  7. Excuse me Kurt. I've been searching ebay since I happened on this page and I can't seem to run across any available lp version of this one. Would you consider posting any additional songs?

  8. Sadly, I don't own this LP anymore. These tracks are the songs I digitized before selling my Hartford LPs. I did think these were the best two tracks, however.

  9. The only Hartford I have in my collection is John Hartford Looks at Life, a good one and seems to be pretty obscure, worth looking for if you don't have it.